Bright and Open Kitchen Remodel in San Diego

Merit Construction Kitchen Remodel in San Diego After Photo 2 by San Diego Photographer Andrew AbounaWe all know how important the kitchen is because it’s both a cooking and social area of the home. But what also made this particular kitchen remodel in San Diego really nice is that it helped keep the growing family connected. The kitchen design and build did this by providing a nice bar-height counter and passthrough between the kitchen and family room. This bright and open kitchen remodel in San Diego which I did for a family not only created an attractive and functional space, but it was also fun to design and build.

Like all of the projects I provide through Merit Construction, this kitchen remodel in San Diego began with talking with the homeowners about the important features they wanted most in their kitchen remodel of their home. Realizing what the family wanted and how they are growing, it was then that I suggested creating a large opening between the kitchen and adjacent family room, where the family also spend much of their time.

Merit Construction Kitchen Remodel in San Diego Before Photo 2 by San Diego Photographer Andrew AbounaTo me it makes sense to not feel isolated in areas of the home that are the hub of activity, like the kitchen, family room, dining room, and even parts of the outdoors. So when some of the family are in the kitchen, while others are in another main space, it’s nice to be able to see and talk with one another. And these days, the trend is towards open living  spaces. At first it was a bit hard for the homeowners to visualize just how well the opening between the two rooms would work, but as you can read in their review below, they were in fact happily surprised by just how great the new opening and additional counter space worked out for them.

Merit Construction Kitchen Remodel in San Diego After Photo 3 by San Diego Photographer Andrew AbounaIn my experience, opening up spaces, like in this kitchen remodel in San Diego, are a win-win. Not only does it help the household stay connected, it also gives more opportunity for design ideas, and in fact gives the sense of a larger home. Here’s what the homeowners had to say about this remodel:

We can’t tell you how grateful we are at all the beautiful work you did in our kitchen. It was so refreshing to hear you say “I think we can do that” when it came to opening the kitchen and living room. All we heard from everyone else was that it was a terrible idea and we shouldn’t do it. I’m so glad we trusted you and your vision on what our kitchen would look like.

Speaking of design ideas, that was the second, and very important step in this remodel. That is, providing a professionally designed kitchen design to ensure an optimal design and of cabinets and the entire kitchen space.. Professional kitchen design is feature that I provided in all of my kitchen remodels, and even bathroom remodels, too. I then presented the homeowners with a selection of choices, and before long they selected their preferred kitchen remodel choice and the project was underway.

In addition to design, this kitchen remodel in San Diego included demo of the old cabinets and removal of old appliances, wall framing, drywall refinishing, electrical, gas and plumbing work, tile work, painting, installation of new kitchen cabinets, custom countertop installation, appliance installation, and finishing carpentry. The resulting kitchen was a remodel that is attractive and functional, and has added value to the home.

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