Zero Threshold Shower and Custom Tile Bathroom Remodel

Zero Threshold Shower Custom Tile Design Bathroom Remodel San Diego by Merit Construction

Zero Threshold Shower with Custom Floor and Wall Tiling

A zero threshold shower means no curb to step over, making for a modern bathroom remodel. Creating this easy access into the shower space was not the only feature that was created for the bathroom remodel at this home in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California. In fact, if you look at these accompanying after-remodel photos you’ll be able to see no fewer than a half dozen custom bathroom remodel features, plus a few more that you can’t see.

Some of the most obvious features of this bathroom remodel is the custom tile work. For the shower wall, two different types of tile were used. There was a textured, linear tile used for the shower walls, and a glass tile for the wall inset. I also wired on a separate switch an LED strip light to illuminate and enhance the glass tile and inset. Out of view in these shots is a custom corner seat, which I covered with a piece of granite.

Zero Threshold Shower Custom Tile Design Bathroom Remodel San Diego by Merit Construction

A Host of Complimentary Tile Textures, Including an LED-lit Glass Tile Wall Inset

In the photos of this bathroom remodel you’ll see that I used three types of complimentary tile for the floors. For the zero threshold shower floor I used a 2×4″ tile, being smaller in size allowed me to follow the slope I created to ensure proper drainage. Shaping the zero threshold shower floor required opening up the subfloor of the shower space to modify and reinforce the floor joists and relocating utilities for the necessary plumbing.

Next, custom created the zero threshold shower and waterproofed it with Schluter Kerdi membrane and Hardiebacker  cement board. I always use both of these fine materials in all of my bathroom remodels because the products are both easy to work with and always ensure the best waterproofing and bonding with mortar.

Zero Threshold Shower Custom Tile Design Bathroom Remodel San Diego by Merit Construction

Thick Frameless, Custom Shower Door and Panels, Towel Warmer and Glass Block Clerestory

In addition to the 2×4″ tile used for the zero threshold shower floor, you can see in the photos two other types of tile used both inside and outside of the shower space. Along three walls of the bathroom I created a border using a mosaic of river rock. This textured tile creates a nice contrast to the smooth tile within the shower and to the 12×24″ tile used for the main floor of the bathroom.

Something that you can’t see in the photos is the SunTouch electric radiant flooring heating. The radiant floor heating features a timer which was part of the electrical work done in this bathroom remodel. Another element of heating shown in the photographs is a towel warming rack located just beneath the glass block clerestory.

Other key features of this bathroom remodel include a new window installed in the shower and a custom frameless shower glass door with wall panels. The clean lines of the custom floors and walls, along with the sleek zero threshold shower floor are accented nicely with the thick glass of the shower doors and return panels. The homeowners love the look of this superb modern bathroom remodel.

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